My Story

As a child I wasn’t encouraged by my teachers to explore my love for science. We were destined for the shipyards, building sites or the military. I ended up on building sites for 25 years. I also became an astronomer. By the time I was in my mid thirties, I had joined the Sunderland Astronomical Society where my interest grew massively. By 2002 I had started the Kielder forest star camp, and a year later I would start a path that would change my life forever, in ways I hadn’t imagined.

In 2004 I was appointed astronomical adviser for the Kielder Observatory project, in the beautiful Kielder Forest in Northumberland. I put all my passion for the stars into my plan to build an observatory. In 2008 it opened, with me as a volunteer. I was then appointed Director and lead astronomer where I oversaw the whole organisation and managed it to what it is today, eventually being appointed as CEO.

In 2019 I resigned from the observatory to pursue my own ambitions – ambitions to reach even more people than before.

In 2016 I published my first book ‘An Astronomers Tale’ here you can learn all about how and why I found myself directing the observatory, starting off from my humble beginnings as a brickie in Sunderland.

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