Welcome to my site

If you are reading this then you have just clicked through and so I say Thank you!

This site is an attempt by me to get myself ‘out there’ a bit more, so that I can continue to do what I love most, communicate astronomy. Through my work at the Kielder Observatory over the last 15 years I have gained quite an insight into how strong the appetite is amongst the public for astronomy. seemingly doesn’t matter where you look there is some reference to Alien existence (or not) new planets and the size of the universe, why are there seemingly an infinite supply of universes…the press loves astronomy, because they know we do too. Thats it in a nutshell, the curiosity amongst us all to understand the universe has given me my dream job, so in attempt to repay that I aim to be a good lad and produce some useful stuff. Through my vast and far reaching contacts I will try to get some first hand stuff for you all to digest, as well as that Im up for answering questions and explaining concepts too. Just use the contact form and send it through.

I am off up to the observatory now ahead of our Aurora night, a 1 hours drive from our offices in Newcastle. I will post a few pics of the night, but Im not expecting any clear skies as its a crappy forecast, but heres hoping. I want to challenge a few misconceptions about the Aurora or Northern lights as quite a few people are suggesting that we cant see them anymore due to the fact that the sun is in decline in its magnetic activity, whilst it is (as it heads to solar minimum) a fancy description of the sun not producing sun spots. Nevertheless there are many other progenitors for the Northern lights! like Coronal holes and IMF (interplanetary magnetic field flipping around) so once the dark nights return, get out there and dont give up…you never know.

Another thing to challenge tonight will be the bloody midge…enough said!