Gary Fildes | Astronomer

Welcome to my site.

I have created it so that I can reach out to as many people as possible and spread the word about how important astronomy is. In the process I hope my personal story will hopefully inspire people to reach out and engage with the universe around us all.

It’s been said that ‘astronomy is a humbling and human adventure’ – Well that’s certainly my experience. We all surely have an innate curiosity to find out about the universe around us – how does it all work? why are we here? Where did the universe come from? are there natural laws that govern how everything works? and will we ever know enough to finally say – we know our place.

I am currently supporting organisations and individuals in realising the importance of astronomy – through interactive events and delivering inspirational talks throughout the UK

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you and your organisation through interactive event planning then please get in touch.

Or check out my Youtube channel below for more astro content